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Homemade Sugar & Rose Petal Scrub

Sugar and Rose Petal Scrub

One of my favourite Sunday rituals is a nice long shower and scrubbing down with this handmade sugar and rose petal scrub. It makes my skin feel soft but also refreshed and smelling amazing!

I found this recipe on Black Road Bloom when I was looking for something to do with the petals from the beautiful roses we have outside our home and changed it up a bit. I made it with the dried rose petals, but you can use rose petal powder that you buy online or at a beauty store as well.

Mixing together the ingredients for my homemade sugar and rose petal scrub.

Dried Rose Petals

Only remove the petals from the rose once all the outside petals are wilted and the head of the rose has drooped. You don’t want to break the petals yet so try remove them delicately and place in a glass jar. Let is dry for about a week before using in the scrub.

Scrub Recipe


1 large blade cutting knife

1 cutting board

1 medium sized mixing bowl

1 tablespoon for mixing


1 cup of dried rose petals

1 cup of white sugar

¼ cup olive oil (you can also use coconut oil but I didn’t want this one to smell like coconut and we always have olive oil in the house)

Homemade sugar and rose petal scrub.


  1. Start by tearing the dried rose petals into smaller pieces by hand. Once the petals have been divided into smaller bits place them into a pile on the cutting board and cut the pieces even finer like you would parsley (or some other green leafy veg).

I’ve found it works best to tear and then cut because the petals are so thin which means you can’t always get small enough pieces by cutting from the start.

  • Add your sugar to the mixing bowl and then add the olive oil.
  • Add the small pieces of rose petals to the sugar and oil and mix. Use a folding method to wet all of the sugar with the oil and get the petals throughout the scrub.
  • Add to an airtight glass jar and enjoy!
Homemade sugar and rose petal scrub.

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