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A Morning with Sarah Graham at the Women’s Wellness Event

Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event

It was a rainy morning on Saturday the 27th of January, however despite the stay-in-bed-all-day weather, I made my way on the Gautrain to Pretoria for the Sarah Graham Women’s Wellness Event.

Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event

Despite the gloomy weather the atmosphere inside The Capital Hotel School was warm and inviting with women from all over excited to learn about wellness and healthy cooking from Sarah Graham and Jeanne van Zyl.

Me with Sarah Graham
Me with THE Sarah Graham

It’s the perfect event to spend with a friend and I was lucky enough to have a two of my best friends with me. When we walked out at the end of the day though, the sense of community in wellness and healthy living was very strong.

Me with Jeanne van Zyl
Me with Jeanne van Zyl

We all grabbed seats around beautifully decorated tables with special goody bags packed for each lady including some of Sarah Graham’s delicious Nourish Power Balls, yummy Kambucha for the gut and face products from Skin Creamery. We couldn’t wait for the yummy brunch which was being prepared from Sarah’s own recipes, but first up was a morning Pilates session with Jeanne.

Pilates to start off the morning

I haven’t done group Pilates classes in a long time so it was a lot of fun to share the session with a whole bunch of women. We laughed a lot and worked up a sweat. Jeanne was a great coach and made sure our souls and faces were smiling all the way through the hour long session. We were rewarded with some yummy coconut water (it was my first time trying coconut water and despite needing to get used to it at first, I actually like the slightly sweet taste) and basil and berry iced balls to cool us down.

Dr Tom's Kumbucha
Dr Tom’s Kombucha for the gut
Almond Butter
It was my first time trying Almond Butter and I was immediately in love!

After Pilates we were all starving so the yummy beetroot and berry smoothy and brunch was a welcome treat. Next up was a Healthy Eating Hacks demo from Sarah. It included things as simple as learning to make your own Almond Milk, to making the most delicious Tumeric Milk (it might sound strange, but believe me, it is amazing!). Sarah also showed us how to make her husband’s favourite Overnight Oats and Cassava Pancakes, which our table was lucky enough to taste. My mouth was in absolute heaven. It was like Sarah said, to feel well, you have to eat goodness.

Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event
The incredible Tumeric Milk
Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event
Home Made Banana Bread from Sarah’s new cookbook, Wholsesome

Next up Jeanne shared her amazing knowledge of all things wellness and healthy and balanced eating with us. I resonated a lot with her when she said that she does not believe in setting resolutions, but rather setting plans (I wrote a blog post about setting Intentions, rather than resolutions for 2018).

She shared with us how we can have a balanced life, especially when it comes to food with the following steps:

  1. Setting an Action Plan
  2. Creating a Vision for how we want to live balanced
  3. Taking Ownership for our actions
  4. Taking Small Steps

Coconut Water

After a morning such as that, with so much yummy food and wellness advice you couldn’t help but feel reenergised and ready for another year. Some might argue that the after effect of these type of events are pretty short lived, but I think that taking the time to go to events like this and spending time on yourself, being kind to yourself and spoiling yourself, has a much longer effect than the event itself.

It was a wonderful morning and not only did I pick up a couple of really useful cooking tips and tastes delicious food, I also flet part of a much bigger community, which ultimately is what we all strive for, finding our tribe. Thank you to both Sarha and Jeanne for the wonderful event and I can’t wait for the next one!

Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event
Delicious Food

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