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Review: 5 Eco Friendly Products to Keep your House Sparkling

Eco-Friendly Household Products

As I sit here and write this I’m exhausted after spending 3 hours cleaning our 2 bedroom flat. But the fresh smell and sparkling house makes it all worth it.

Last week I ordered the Clean Green Starter Pack from this amazing organic online store called Faithful to Nature and as it was time for a good spring clean (on the coldest day of spring of course) we tried out all the products.

Now before I give you my review of these products I want to get a few things straight. Firstly, I clean my own house. In South Africa, we’re pretty spoiled with having a person or team always cleaning our homes, and I know the argument, “we work so hard during the week we have no time to clean over the weekend”. I get it. I, however, have to be honest I prefer cleaning my own home. It started off being a very conscious decision made by the husband and myself to not have a cleaner as we didn’t have money to spare when saving up for our wedding last year, and now it’s become a habit. He does the vacuuming and mops the floors and I do all the wiping, clean the bathroom etc.

It might seem like a terrible punishment to some, but cleaning our own home has made us even more proud to live here and call this ours. It gets you down on your knees into those areas that rarely get cleaned and ultimately keeps you from hoarding and nothing will ever get lost or break without you knowing.

So that being said, these products have been made to work on our level of standard, which might be a bit more intense than your normal clean, but will give you a great idea of what they can do.


Triple Orange Bio-Dot Laundry Cream

Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Absolutely love this laundry detergent!

It smells divine and made the whole house smell like oranges while the washing was going and after the clothes were hung up. Before you become worried about smelling like an orange whenever wearing something from now on, the smell does fade, but the softness doesn’t.

The detergent looks almost like yogurt and you can use it in hot and cold water and in front and top loaders (woohoo for flexibility). The instructions said to used 25ml or 1 tablespoon per wash but you can see how it goes. I used one and a bit for a bit load and it was perfect. The packaging also says it includes both stain remover and softener. I wasn’t able to test the stain remover yet but it does make the clothes feel super soft after drying. Something that’s so great for me as I’m allergic to most fabric softeners you buy in store.

Final score: 9/10 (for the amazing smell and cause I still have to test the stain remover)


Better Earth Tile and Floor Cleaner

Eco-friendly tile cleaner

Another super yummy orange smelling product.

We use this cool mop that has its own water dispenser built in so we poured the tile cleaner in there, and it worked perfectly. Our tiles were pretty dirty cause we hadn’t mopped in an orange smell while mopping but nothing lingers, which is great for those of us with sinus problems.

The directions say to use 60ml of cleaner with 5 litre of warm water. You can obviously work it out accordingly to your surface area and water usage. Remember, mopping the floors with the water you saved from your shower bucket is another great way to save water. Check out my previous post on other water saving tips! (link to post)

Final score: 9/10 (works just as well as any other floor cleaner, nice smell but no lingering smell)


Greenman Multi-Surface Cleaner

Eco-friendly all purpose cleaner - Greenman

The bottle says it’s “natural citrus” but this product actually has a pretty distinct minty smell to it. Personally, I prefer citrus smells, but mint is still nice and fresh at least.

The bottle says it can be used on all surfaces, from counters to wood to TVs. So, I put it to the test on most of our surfaces. It did the job pretty well alright. From the TV to the wooden dining table to the pleather couches and even the dusty windowsills. It’s obviously a spray so you will expect it to be wet, however, after touching the surface a moment after wiping it, you’ll feel a slight stickiness, but within a few seconds it dries away and the surface is perfectly clean and clear. No sticky residue.

I used it both by spraying directly onto surfaces and onto a cloth and both methods worked pretty well. The cloth does obviously become somewhat wet, but unlike aerosol surface cleaners, this one once again doesn’t leave any lingering smell after you’ve cleaned and no fumes to breath in.

Final score: 8/10 (I would have preferred a citrus smell as it says on the bottle, but it did the job very well)


Truth Glass and Surface Cleaner

Eco-friendly glass and surface cleaner - Truth

Ok, so I was a bit mean to this one. I decided to try it out in the bathroom as it said glass and surface cleaner. It worked ok, but it’s very clearly not made for grimy bathroom cleaning.

Generally, though it is a good surface cleaner. Another minty smelling product (this one and the Greenman product is made by the same company) and also a spray. It does live up to its name of being a glass cleaner and it did very well on the mirrors in the bathroom (we have 2 huge ones) and the glass tiles, which I was very happy about. I definitely plan on giving it a try on the windows when the weather is a bit better and I can leave them open to dry without the crazy wind we’ve been having lately.

Unfortunately, to tell you the Truth (see what I did there) it did not match up to the shower and the watermarks on the class though. I scrubbed and scrubbed and it didn’t help much.

I will definitely be looking into getting a proper eco-friendly bathroom cleaner in the future.

Final score 6.5/10 (I know I was a bit harsh on it but I was quite disappointed that it didn’t work well in the shower, it is, in fact, a glass surface)


Earthsap Dishwashing Liquid

Eco-friendly dishwashing liquid - Earthsap

The husband and I both loved the name of this dishwashing liquid, washing your dishes with sap from the earth!

Earthsap is another wonderfully citrus smelling product, which I loved of course. Unlike many other dishwashing liquid, Earthsap dishwashing liquid doesn’t make a lot of foam. I know that some people think the more foam the better the cleaning power, but that’s not necessarily true. No need to add more liquid cause despite it having less foam, it really does work!

Our dishes were sparkling and smelled amazing and just like with all the other products there was no lingering smell after the dishes were washed. Another great eco-friendly product.

Final score: 9/10 (clean dishes and wonderful smells amazing with less foam but still the same power).


Overall, I was very happy with all of the products we got in the Starter Pack. I definitely want to try get something more bathroom specific, but this is a great start. If you’re looking to start your eco-friendly cleaning journey then this starter pack is definitely worth trying out. The experience has opened my eyes to how easy it is today to be eco-friendly in the house and that it’s not as expensive as people think. We all need to do our part in keeping the earth healthy and at the same time I love the fact that there are no lingering smells and that I’m making my house a safer and healthier place to live for myself and my family. That’s worth everything!

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