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How I’m Healing my Skin with a Natural Beauty Routine

Natural Beauty Routine

I started changing my beauty routine about 6 months ago after experiencing terrible trouble with my skin. The skin on my face was flaky, dry, red and inflamed and broke out all the time. I’ve never had perfect skin and I’ve struggled with acne throughout my teens and as a young adult, but I knew there had to be some way to heal my skin that did not cost thousands and also would not damage my skin on the way to get there (thus medication). I needed a natural beauty routine.

Around the same time my whole wellness living journey started, I also decided to change my beauty routine. At the end of 2017, I wrote a piece about how my beauty routine had changed to one that was much more natural up to that point. You can read the post here, but that was only the start of my journey.

After nearly 6 months I can now say that my skin looks and feels better than it has in years. It feels soft and glowing and many of my old marks have healed. I still break out, especially around my chin area and forehead, but it’s more manageable. It’s improved my self-confidence as well and I feel beautiful again.

I wanted to share with you how I’ve changed my routine and hopefully, it can help you make the jump to holistic, eco- and animal friendly, natural beauty.

Natural Beauty Routine

Animal Friendly

It was very important for me that all the products I use on my body are not animal tested. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge in normal cosmetic stores like Clicks and DisChem (in South Africa). Clicks have very few products that have the animal friendly logo on them and those that do are much more expensive, such as the Body Shop products.

DisChem isn’t much better either. I was standing in DisChem looking to buy essential oils and I held the exact same Peppermint oils in my hand, both DisChem brands, but the one had the animal friendly logo and the other did not. The animal friendly one was, in fact, more than twice the price of the other one!

It was the first time I did this experiment and I was disgusted. Some might say well it might still not be tested on animals, but my reasoning is that if it’s not tested, why not just say so.

Luckily there is Wellness Warehouse and Faithful to Nature that sell animal friendly products, but I am still disappointed that the two biggest cosmetic stores in the country have not migrated to these holistic products yet, and I wonder if they ever will…

Natural Beauty Routine
The African Extracts Rooibos products I use.

A Combination of Natural Products

I used to wash my face with one product morning and night for years and going through puberty it was fine. It got to point though where I was scared to use anything else as it would affect my skin badly. But as fate would have it, a small composition change in the products I was using suddenly started affecting my skin badly and I started breaking out a lot.

I then switched to a product I received as a sample and for a short time it seemed to work. The product dried my skin out a lot and initially, this was good because I have quite oily skin so it definitely helped with the breakout.

Natural Beauty Routine
I love the Good Stuff body care range!

Before long though my skin was so dry that it felt tight and chapped and so sore…

I knew I had to change but this time I was not going to put any more chemicals on my face. I was going to opt for the natural option.

Once again Faithful to Nature came to the rescue. I’m so glad for the website because where the chain cosmetic stores failed in products, and The Body Shop failed in price, they made up for 100%! Slowly I started scrolling through all the different options. I’m going, to be honest, I was slightly overwhelmed, but I started with some products that were on sale and slowly from there it’s only become easier.

My Beauty Routine Now

I now use a combination of products and my routine goes something like this:

Natural Beauty Routine
Scrub. Heal. Moisturise.

Night Routine:


Scrub face with Essential Collections Face Exfoliator

Use African Extracts Rooibos Purifying 3-in-1 Face Scrub and Mask – leave on for 5 minutes

Use African Extracts Rooibos Purifying Toner to remove any other impurities

Use Victorian Garden Lavender & Myrrh Face Healing Oil on problem areas

Use Yorba Face Moisturiser on my face and neck (I try to avoid my T-zone)

2 Days a Week:

Same as above but ONLY scrub, no mask

Rest of the Week:

Wash face with African Extracts Rooibos Spot Control Face Wash

Use African Extracts Toner to remove any other impurities

Use the Victorian Garden Face Healing Oil on problem areas

Use Yorba Face Moisturiser cream on my face and neck (I try to avoid my T-zone)

Natural Beauty Routine
This natural Acne Assist cream is amazing!

Morning Routine:

Wash face with African Extracts Rooibos Face Wash

Use Bee Natural Acne Assist on problem areas (by the way this is just lasting forever. A tub was R118 but it can last up to 6 months which is amazing!)

Use Yorba Face Moisturiser cream on my face and neck (I try to avoid my T-zone)

It’s pretty simple but I’ve found by switching it up my skin doesn’t get used to just one product and I can never get caught out when a certain product changes their recipe or goes off the market.

Natural Beauty Routine

A Little Extra for the Body

My love for natural beauty products does not stop at my face. I have also swapped out ordinary shower gel for the Good Stuff body wash. It is also non-animal tested and comes in big bottles which are cost effective and last forever!

My love for this brand started when all of a sudden my underarms started breaking out with red spots and felt very sensitive after using roll-on. It became so sore I couldn’t wear a short that touched the skin under my arms. I was so happy to find the Good Stuff roll-on and it’s been my favourite every since, especially the Bee Natural flavour.

One other plus point about the brand. You can buy it at your local Clicks or DisChem so no online shopping needed.

Natural Beauty Routine

My skin is not nearly perfect yet, but it’s easier to manage. My skin feels younger and hydrated again and I feel more confident to not wear makeup every day. I have an incredible friend who doesn’t wear any makeup anymore, except for special occasions, and she is my idol for beauty. One day I hope to have her confidence, but until then I will keep it natural and slowly learn to love and take care of my skin again.

Hi, I'm Andri. A 20-something creative, content creator, writer, reader, traveler, healthy living enthusiast and eco warrior! My day job is in digital publishing, but just like The Loud Library, I am full of contradictions. I love my bunny rabbit Olive, cows and sharing my journey to rediscover my spark.

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