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We’re Leaving South Africa & Moving to the UK for 18 Months

Moving to the UK

Leaving the country you have called home all your life is never easy, doing it for a second time seems simply idiotic, but that’s what I’m doing in less than a month.

Things have been happening so quickly and right now our house is a mess of boxes and bags and things to keep and throw away. Because in less than a month the husband and I will be saying goodbye to our home country, South Africa, and hello to a new adventure in the UK for the next 18 months!

Moving to the UK
This is Real Life when you’re packing up your home.

Why are we moving to the UK?

Sometimes I think we are the quintessential millennials. Selling everything, giving it all up in search of a new, exciting, different life. But then I ask myself, why not! We are young, we have no commitments here, we have no kids or a house. We have our clothes and few earthly possessions and our cars, which we are all too happy to sell because of how expensive it is to have them. There is our bunny rabbit Olive, but she is now living her best bunny life on the farm with fresh lettuce every day and lots of love from my mom (I am going to miss her like crazy though). But this is our moment.

Unlike the quintessential millennial, we do however have a plan, somewhat at least. We have the opportunity to go over and have this new adventure because of the husband’s job and I am more and more grateful every day for the amazing opportunity they are giving us.

So we do have some kind of a structure and money. This was very important for me because I’ve done the whole being in the UK on a super tight budget, buying food from the “this expires in 2 days” fridge and accepting ANY kind of free stuff (especially free food) that was offered to me. You can read about my time as a student in Oxford here.

Looking back at that time now, it feels like a lifetime ago, like I was a completely different person. I guess that’s what 2 years of waiting, many trails and disappointments and having to work harder than ever before in your life, can do to you.

3 years ago I went to the UK with a fairytale idea of how magical Oxford would be. Now I know that this is an adventure yes, but it is also real life. In some ways that might sound a bit contradictory as, unlike the husband, I am not going over with a job lined up. My plan is a bit more hazy.

A part of me is very scared and the control freak in me is is overthinking everything and already starting to make plans on how I can make a living in the UK, which isn’t a bad thing. My anxiety is through the roof and I’m trying really hard to follow my own advice from my blog post last week, but it’s not easy.

I do realise what an amazing privilege I have in this experience though. How many people can move to a new country and not have to worry about food and the necessities from the get-go. Definitely not me 3 years ago. It’s like this clean slate that I’ve been given and after what I’ve been through the last 2 years in work and life, I really do need a break, but then we never admit it to ourselves until it’s too late usually. Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me to slow down…

A colleague at work said such a true thing… We are so focused on our careers and advancing and more money and higher position these days, that we forget about life sometimes. For me, this is my chance to remember to LIVE LIFE AGAIN.

Moving to the UK
What a mess!

What IS my plan?

Like I said, I do however have a plan. It’s still a bit vague but at least it’s something:

Plan A: Find a Job in Publishing

I’ve already started on this one (overachiever much) contacting recruitment agencies and applying for jobs I’ve found online. The ideal would be to get a job in production and digital. I know I don’t want to work in sales again so I’m not going to even apply to jobs in sales just to end up being unhappy again. I have experience and I know what I want and if I need to wait a bit before I get it that’s fine as well.

Plan B: Freelance

This is my backup which if things don’t work out with the job search could possibly become the Plan A. That’s why I’ve started working on this already as well. I have quite a lot of freelance experience and I’ll be expanding a bit and I’m also creating online courses for you guys to learn from me!

Plan C: Blogging

Plan C (which will have to work alongside Plan B as well) is the one I’m probably the most passionate about, this Blog! I will be revamping the blog over the next month. This will also be the last post for a while until I’ve found my feet again on that side, but I promise I will be back with a bang. I hope to expand the blog to include more wellness, more eco-warrior tips and more travel and hopefully slowly create a business out of it. I didn’t start this blog 6 months ago with the intention to make it into a business, it was an outlet, one I really needed. But I’ve been getting amazing feedback and I have so much more to say and share. If the universe is ready then maybe it’s time for The Loud Library to go bigger!

Moving to the UK
Going to miss my little photography spot and the great afternoon light.

Goodbye for now

This is really just temporary. I promise when I’m back at the end of April I will be back with so much new and exciting content you will be blown away (way to go putting pressure on myself, haha).

I will be sharing our whole journey on Instagram with lots of photos and videos so please follow me @theloudlibraryblog.

I’m so excited for this new adventure with my best friend and although I am sad to be leaving my friends and family and home behind, this is what we need right now. To adventures, growing and GOING!

PS. All these photos are Real Life. They aren’t pretty and they aren’t edited, they are what our house looks like right now. Before the adventure there’s always the storm…

Hi, I'm Andri. A 20-something creative, content creator, writer, reader, traveler, healthy living enthusiast and eco warrior! My day job is in digital publishing, but just like The Loud Library, I am full of contradictions. I love my bunny rabbit Olive, cows and sharing my journey to rediscover my spark.

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