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How to Green Clean Your Bathroom

Green Cleaning your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in our homes we spend so much time in, but can also be one of the rooms we give the least love and attention to. Let’s be honest it’s not necessarily the most inspiring room to begin with and if you live in a flat then it tends to be quite small and dark and dingy as well. In many cases, bathrooms in small homes don’t even have windows (a bathroom with a window is literally on my dream home wish list, the little things). Bathrooms are also prone to becoming grimy and gross and once that happens it’s hard to be happy when you step into it. But I’ve come to realise that the bathroom can really be a wonderful space if you take some time to make your bathroom a more Green Bathroom.

How do you make your Bathroom more Green?

The first step is to chuck out all those chemicals (more like poisons) you’ve been using to clean your bathroom and swop them out for green cleaning alternatives.

Have you ever tried cleaning the bathroom with those industrial strength cleaners you get in the shops, especially the shower cleaners? Tell me, how did your hands feel after that cleaning session? Red, raw and painful. Not to mention you breathed in a load of chemicals which probably sent you into a coughing fit halfway through your shower clean. If that’s the case when bathroom cleaning day comes along then no one can blame you for not wanting to do it. It’s literally not good for your health and suddenly the mould and lime scale doesn’t look too bad if you compare it to your painful hands.

DIY glass cleaner, Ecover bathroom cleaner and Calli and Co Mould Cleaner.
Three of my favourite Green Cleaning Products for the Bathroom

How do I Green Clean My Bathroom?

So you’ve checked out all those old chemicals, what now. You still need to clean the bathroom somehow. I’ve spent the better part of 2 years trying out products, making my own DIY ones and testing techniques, specifically for the bathroom, and this is what I’ve found is the best way to Green Clean the Bathroom.

Cleaning Techniques

Just like with all cleaning I believe that it’s not only the products that make the difference but also the amount of effort we put in. If you are reading this post looking for a quick miracle fix then go back to scrolling Pinterest. My first and most valuable tip for Green Cleaning the bathroom is to put your back into it and SCRUB.

No, the paint or grouting or tiles (really) aren’t going to come off when you scrub hard, but the mould and limescale will if you apply a bit of pressure and scrub those hard to reach spots.

Green Cleaning Tools

The Old Toothbrush is my favourite cleaning tool all around the house, but especially in the bathroom. It’s great for scrubbing the mould between the tiles and getting into those small, hard to reach spots and in the corners of your shower. It’s strong and durable and just like that you’ve reused a product that would have ended up on the trash heap when you replaced it with your new bamboo one (wink wink).

Cleaning Pads are way better than clothes. If you’re going to make them yourself try stitching a few layers together to make it ticker, otherwise if like me you still have some microfiber pads left over, use those. I prefer these ticker pads because they soak up more moisture and allow you to scrub a little harder than a normal cloth does.

Old newspapers on the glass surfaces. Apparently, this isn’t supposed to work anymore because newspapers now use different ink, but for me, nothing dries a mirror or a shower door like an old newspaper. We don’t buy newspapers (and I’m not suggesting you should at all), but we do get the trash ones through the mail from time to time. So I use those for cleaning before recycling them.

Old toothbrush
Reusing my old toothbrush.

Green Cleaning Products

As I mentioned I’ve tried both store bought Green Cleaning products and I’ve made some of my own DIY versions. Both are great, however, I also know that we are busy people and even though I love making my own products, I don’t always have the time or energy, and I’m sure it’s the same for you. So here’s your choice, I’d suggest trying a combination and seeing what works for you.

Store Bought Green Cleaning Products

A while ago I wrote a post about my favourite Green Cleaning products from Faithful to Nature and I still think those are great. Faithful to Nature is my go-to eco cleaning shop when I’m in South Africa and I’d really suggest you give their website a browse, especially if you’re starting out on the green cleaning journey. Give that post a read here and give some of the products a try, they are still some of my favourites.

Ecover is one of my favourite green cleaning brands in general and the bathroom is no different. I really like their Bathroom Cleaner which is a foam based product. It’s really great to get the grime out from between the tiles and on the ceramic, white surfaces. I’ve been using the same bottle for a year now because once again I don’t think it’s the amount of product that does the cleaning but how you use it. Sometimes though I also use the Ecover Multi-Action Cleaner if I’m just giving the bathroom a quick wipe because it’s just that good a product for me. I also use the Ecover Toilet Cleaner in our toilet bowl. Limescale is a big problem where we live and it tends to really stain the bottom of the toilet and I’ve found the Ecover toilet cleaner does the job most of the time. Our bottle is almost finished though and I am looking at possibly making my own DIY toilet cleaner blocks, so I’ll keep you posted. Disclaimer, the Ecover products aren’t plastic free but they the bottles are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recycled which is much better than many other cleaning products.

Calli and Co. Mould Cleaner is one of my favourite new finds and best of all is it’s a South African brand! Any bathroom that doesn’t have a window is prone to mould and even more so in humid places like the UK. I found that normal bathroom cleaner didn’t do the trick and I was not going to start bleaching my walls (my hands would not have survived that). I bought this one on a whim when last in SA and I am so impressed! Spray it on the mould and leave for a few seconds and then scrub with a toothbrush – and before you know if your walls are mould free. It doesn’t burn my hands at all (my hands are extremely sensitive) and it actually smells quite nice, although they say it’s odorless. I also accidentally got some in my eye once and it was 100% fine, no burning or stinging. I’m now planning to make everyone coming to visit us bring me a bottle as entry fee.

Calli and Co Mould Buster
Love this South African mould buster from Calli and Co.

DIY Green Cleaning Products

I like to keep it simple when it comes to DIY cleaning. Firstly because it’s time consuming (although I love experimenting with cleaning products) and also because some of the ingredients you read about on Pinterest and websites are just impossible to find at times. So my DIY cleaners are simple and can be made with products you probably already have in your house.

DIY Shower Glass Cleaner or Magic Spray

This is the ONLY thing I’ve found to clean the limescale off our shower glass (London limescale is crazy!). Best is, it’s only 2 ingredients.


Lemon juice

White vinegar


1 x spray bottle (I reuse my Ecover cleaning bottles because they are already great spray bottles)


  1. Fill your spray bottle ¾ of a way with vinegar
  2. Fill the rest of your bottle with lemon juice (it doesn’t need to be fresh, but if you have that’s great, even less waste)
  3. Close the bottle and share well to mix ingredients

DIY Rust Buster

We’ve tried to keep our bathroom as plastic free as possible and that also ment using metal holders rather than plastic. But because bathrooms are quite wet, that also means metal holders rust. We made the mistake to leave our metal holders in our bathroom too long and ended up with some stubborn rust. Not only is rust not healthy but it also looks so ugly. Once again I wanted to clean up the rust in a natural way, no chemicals. This is my, very simple, really effective rust buster.


Baking Soda



Old toothbrush


  1. Combine baking soda and water – 1 teaspoon water for 2 table spoons of baking soda
  2. Mix baking soda and water into a paste – make sure it’s not too runny
  3. Use an old toothbrush to apply the paste to the rusted areas
  4. Leave paste on the rusted area for a few minutes then scrub as hard as you can
  5. Wash off the paste thoroughly

*If the rust is very stubborn reapply the paste and leave it on the rusted areas for 24 hours and scrub again. Repeat until all the rust has been removed.

DIY Rust Buster
Rust busting in the process.

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