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Green Tea: The Healthiest Tea in the World

Green Tea

Historically Green Tea was the first variety of tea to be developed and today it is one of the most, if not the most, well known tea in the world. The cleansed taste that comes from Green Tea goes well with fresh citrus, florals, and honey. All those wonderful fresh summer smells and tastes that make us think of long days and sunny skies.

Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is high in antioxidants because of the unique way in which the leaves are processed. Unlike most other teas, Green Tea goes through an additional drying stage to stop the oxidization process.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what oxidization is, I didn’t either. Oxidization is a process of deactivating the enzymes (types of proteins) in the tea leaf through rolling the leaves and releasing these enzymes, and thus the aromas and flavours.

Green Tea

Green Tea, however, does not undergo this process and in Mandarin the process to create Green Tea is actually called Shaquin and this allows Green Tea to preserve its greenness and health benefits.

The Green Tea leaves are dried either in pans or even steamed and some Green Tea leaves are rolled into small balls that unfold when they come in contact with warm water. It is seen as one of the most versatile teas and has hundreds of different variations and ways of producing and drinking it.

Lipton Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea has been hailed by some as the “healthiest drink in the world” and it just might be…

Because the oxidization process does not take place in Green Tea it is rich in polyphenols which can reduce inflammation and even help the body fight cancer. The polyphenols in the Green Tea, according to studies, kills cancer cells and can actually stop them from growing. However, the number of cups vary as much as 2 to 10 cups a day to see results.

Green Tea

Other health benefits include helping to improve memory, a lower risk of having a stroke and a number of heart health benefits.

The real value of Green Tea lies in the fact that it is a tea with no added flavourings, a “clean” tea if you will, of which the good qualities have not been removed but come through in every cup.

Lipton Green Tea

Despite my great love for tea, I’m still a Green Tea beginner. The husband swears by it and has at least one or two cups a day. Learning about all the amazing health benefits of this clean tea has prompted me to give it another chance. Will you?

Green Tea

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