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Why I’m Embracing My Late Twenties, and Why You Should as Well

Embracing my Late Twenties

Last week I realised with a shock that in 6 month’s time I will be turning 27! It’s strange because I know that 27 isn’t really that old, I mean it’s not 30 (just kidding) but it’s an age I never really thought about, an age I never really planned for but an age I have grown into over the last 2 years.

Embracing my Late Twenties
Cape Town, South Africa

It got me thinking about growing up and about how it really is ok to grow up. I believe, unlike a lot of cultural references want us to believe these days, that growing up is a great adventure and that it’s one of the biggest privileges.

Thinking of my mom at 26/27 she was married, lived in a house they owned and already had 1 child and was less than a year away from having another. Yes, it was a different time, but I’ve been catching myself lately hoping for the same kind of grownup adventure to begin. I don’t believe I’m ready for children yet, but there are other grownup tasks that have become tasks that I really enjoy doing.

I’ve been married for just over a year and whenever anyone asks me how it is to be married I tell them with the more conviction than anything else in my life, “It’s amazing!” And it really is!

The younger me believed that I would never get married. The younger me was wild and crazy, and restless and lost in my own lack of groundedness (is that a word…).

Embracing my Late Twenties
Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

The me at almost 27 is happy, peaceful, in tune with myself, and grounded.

There’s that common saying that daughters become more like their mothers the older they get, and in many ways, that is true for me. I have also found real joy in other homely tasks, things Iike hanging the washing, which was one of my tasks as a kid which I hated. Now I have a strange sense of pride in washing our clothes, trying out new eco-friendly washing liquids and powders, and hanging them up properly afterward to dry.

I find pride in cleaning our house and keeping it clean. Honestly, I actually love cleaning the house!

How weird is that…

Embracing my Late Twenties
Eating meals that make me feel happy and healthy

Two years ago, when I moved to Johannesburg with my then boyfriend (soon to be fiancé and then husband) I couldn’t imagine the idea of finding joy in, let alone wanting to, clean the house, do the washing and even cook.

Where my early twenties brought fun and crazy nights and adventure, my late twenties are bringing a new kind of adventure. An adventure of contentment and striving toward making myself and the world around me a better and happier place.

I never would have imagined even two years ago the happiness I feel now. Despite everything not being perfect, I am completely happy. I am content and balanced and in a big way I have stopped looking for that “something”.

Embracing my Late Twenties

At almost 27 I am comfortable in my own skin. I care less about what people think and somehow, I am finally beginning to understand that you don’t need a million people around you all the time, just a group of really special people. I am content and grateful for the people who have been in my life and I hold the moments I had with each so dear, but I’m not trying to relive those moments.

My late twenties have finally given me back the time that I felt was always running away from me in my early twenties. I know there is still time, and if there isn’t then I’m ok with that as well because now I am living each moment fully.

I’ve written about Seasons in Life before and I truly believe this is my season of joy, of discovering what really makes me happy.

If this is what my late twenties are like, then all the fear my younger self had about her thirties simply melts away. I cannot wait for the rest of my twenties adventure to unfold and my thirties after that, but right now I am so very content to just be here and live this day.

Embracing my Late Twenties
Spending time with family, like my beautiful cousin who lives in Cape Town, has become a priority

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