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A Green Christmas: How to do Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Guide

Christmas is a time of celebration, sparkly lights, and joy. But it can also very quickly become a time of excess and waste. This year I’m trying to not forget my sustainable life values just because it’s Christmas and am trying to pull it through to the season of joy as well. One of the easiestways I’ve found to start going GREEN this Christmas is with gifts themselves,and in this case specifically with gift wrapping.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone for this one and your best very talented DIY mom by trying my hand at embracing eco-friendly with traditional. Despite DIY not being my forte, I really enjoyed being creative and using only what I had in the house or could find for free to wrap my gifts this year.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping using newspaper and autumn leaves.
Using nature to decorate your gifts is fun and cost effective.

Going eco-friendly with your wrapping also meant not using any Sellotape on my gifts. This was definitely the biggest challenge, but I also realised yet again how we sometimes tend to use products that make life “easy” but really are not needed.

I’ve put together some suggestions of what you can use to wrap your gifts the eco-friendly way this Christmas.

Decorate a old shopping bag using autumn leaves.
Be really creative and stick a collection of autumn leaves on a old shopping bag.

Recycling Wrapping Paper

But before we jump into the list, we all know that despite your best efforts you will still most likely be receiving some gifts wrapped with traditional, shiny, wrapping paper. We understand that this is I’m trying option, but if the fear of an overflowing trash bin filled with shiny and am is making you break into eco-warrior sweat, here’s how you know easiest ways CAN RECYCLE that wrapping paper:

Scrunch the paper up – if it stays in a ball it can be recycled!

Important: Make sure all tape etc are taken off the paper before recycling.

Using ribbon to decorate glass jars.
Reuse old ribbon and twine to decorate glass jars.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Now on to our list. Here’s some great eco-friendly gift wrapping paper alternatives:

  • Material wrapping – old scarves, offcuts, anything lying around the house.
  • Use ribbon or string to tie up your packages –no Sellotape.
  • Brown paper that you decorate with stamps, paint and drawings – a great activity to keep the kids busy over the festive season as well.
  • Glass jars decorated with ribbons and string – rinse and reuse.
  • Newspaper wrapped with a colourful ribbon bow –use the crossword section to keep it fun.
  • Old maps or the year that’s now over’s calendar!– real reuse option.
  • Clay flower pots decorated with ribbons – add a flower as a gift to make it even greener.
  • Reusable gift bags – those that you’ve been collecting throughout the year from all the wonderful gifts you’ve already received! Or, try redecorating your shopping bags by sticking on some autumn leaves.
  • Use nature to help give your gift decorations that extra touch this year – beautiful autumn leave and acorns from the park are even better than the plastic ones bought in the shop.
Wrapping boxes with old maps.
Use old maps to wrap your bigger boxes.

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Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

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