12 Months of Sustainable Living

The phrase Sustainable Living has been floating around us on every platform from social media to shop windows. It’s become easy to disregard it as just another fad that will soon blow over, but I really hope this one won’t.

For once a popular topic concerns more than just you and me, it now concerns our futures as well!

That is why I’ve decided to make living sustainably a priority for the next 12 months. I’ve set myself a challenge to incorporate sustainable living into my every day life. Living in a way that’s good for the earth should not be something only accessible to those with a lot of money or resources, but something we can all do in our daily lives. For me sustainable living should not be disruptive to my life, but rather add value to my life.

Over the next 12 months I’ll be focussing on one topic of sustainable living each month, sharing tips, resources and information to make living sustainably easier. I will also be sharing more tips on my Instagram and videos on YouTube.

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Our topics are:

January: Paper

February: Plastic

March: Food Waste

April: Green Energy

May: Green Cleaning

June: Green Travelling

July: Water

August: Green Beauty

September: Sustainable Fashion

October: Plant Based Eating